Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cherry tomatoes

Last year I bought a four pack of cherry tomato seedlings, heiloom varieties for something a little different :)

I planted them exactly as they were in the pack, because they were all different, do I would know which variety was which. I have watched them grow for months and finally since coming home from our holiday we have ripe tomatoes :D

This is what I saw, cue excitement :D
All but one tomato was picked from the one bush :D and when I checked the pack. It said I picked tommy toes.
But looking closer, I don't think they are. I think they are tigerella. And the single tomato that I picked from the tigerella bush looks more like a tommy toe. So now I just need to wait for the other two to get some ripe tomatoes to see if they are planted in the right spots.

The tricky part is going to be picking the green zebra tomatoes when they are sufficiently ripe :)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tomato seed saving

I made ham, cheese and tomato grilled sandwiches for lunch and then a pie for dinner. Both used my lovely delicious just picked tomatoes. Can't get any fresher than that. And as I chopped them up there were plenty of seeds left on the chopping boards so I figured why let them go to waste. Let's save those seeds for next year.
So I collected all the seeds into a small strainer
Gave them a little rinse under cold water to remove the extra bits of tomato 
Gave them a little dry
And then put them in a little glass dish to dry. In the past I've let them dry on the paper towel and then had trouble removing them from the paper towel. So now a little glass dish does the trick. It also means I can move them around so that they dry well. You can ferment the seeds but I find it easier if there is no fuss :) how do you save seeds and what seeds do you save? 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Zucchini ivf

Zucchinis are a fantastic and easy vegetable for me to grow. Not only do I love the taste, versatility and ease of growth but there is nothing better than picking and eating something that you've grown yourself :)
Zucchinis are like cucumbers, pumpkin and watermelon, they all need male and female flowers to produce fruit. Most of the time the insects do the job. But they don't always get the job done and that's when zucchini ivf comes into it :)
My neighbour told me about how to do it during my first year of growing zucchinis. The important thing is being able to tell which flower is which otherwise you won't get any zucchinis at all
These are female flowers. Easy to spot with a small zucchini sitting under the flower
This is a male flower. It has no small fruit so the flower can be picked. 
If you peel away the petals on the flower you will find what you're looking for. Pollen!!! I peel away all the petals then swish it in the female flower making sure the pollen gets all over the stamen. You can use one male flower to fertilise many female flowers or just one. If it's just one I will just push the male stamen into the female flower
This is what happens to all the zucchinis that don't get fertilised. They turn yellow and shrivel up and die :(

So to avoid that, I pollinate all female flowers that I see, I do sing zucchini ivf while I'm doing it so yes I may be slightly mad :'D
You will also notice that male flowers will come first so I cut them and put them in a zip lock bag in the fridge and pull them out to use in a few days when the female flowers sprout :D 

Depending on how big you like your zucchini depends on how long you leave them to grow,  or if you forget about them or can't get to them like me :'D 

Happy zucchining :) feel free to share any zucchini growing tips that help you get great zucchinis

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Garden gone wild

After being away for a few weeks, we came back to a garden out of control. Plants gone wild!!!
I am in the process of trimming back the raspberry bush and giving the tomatoes a hair cut. and yes if you're looking at the photo with the pink bucket, that is the walk way between the veggie boxes. That's how over grown it is.
I have also grown a lot of weeds while being away too. Some very tall and prickly ones. It won't take too long to pull all the weeds and sort out the veggies

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


We had a lovely time on our holiday, it's nice when it's just the three of us exploring different places. We had an awesome view of the pool from our balcony :) and the pool was awesome. I so want a lagoon style pool now, it was that awesome. Plus it had two slides, one at each end :D and I went down the slides so many times :D the lights that came on inthe pool was awesome too!!
We also had our own personal fireworks display that we watched from the balcony, and it was awesome!!
I couldn't get over how green it was, it was amazing!!! Very hard to come home after having such a wonderful time :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christmas fruit plate

I found this cute little Christmas tree shaped plate and well I had to buy it :D and it was on special so I saved money buying it ;)
Christmas day we made a fruit plate for breakfast :) it was delicious

Monday, January 15, 2018


Wow, when I decided to take on the job of painting our house I didn't think it would be this hard or take so long. My step dad warned me it would take a good week solid to paint the entire house. My thoughts were, how hard could it be.
So I did what anyone who doesn't know what their doing and I went to Google, and searched for how to paint. It seemed pretty straight forward, and after a quick trip to bunnings to grab all my supplies I started painting.
Moving all the furniture and just general stuff out of the first room was hard work. I spent about a day in total painting the ceiling and then the walls in one bedroom. I ended up with bruises on my shins, which I later figured out was from leaning against the ladder rungs when I was painting. Although it did take a few days for me to figure it out.
Next I tackled the ceiling in the kitchen, lounge, dining and hallway. Mainly because it was one ceiling and it needed to be done before my step dad could put the lights in.
That took an entire day! And it felt like the longest day of my life, and it was at that point that I understood why people paid a fortune to get someone else to paint.
Luckily hubby had some time off work and was able to help paint the walls in the kitchen, lounge, dining and hallway. It was lucky for me, not so much for him, because I needed someone with longer arms and legs who could reach things I couldn't.
So another two days are taken, so I'm at a total of four full days of painting. It would've been more if hubby hadn't helped and if his friend hadn't painted the other bedroom while we were away.
Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the laundry and bathroom.
I already regret saying I'll finish painting :P