Thursday, March 22, 2018

bread and butterless pudding

I was making bread and butter pudding with some left over rolls that we had but I forgot to butter the bread.. which is why it ended up being butterless :'D

I left my bread to soak up a lot of the liquid and added some sultanas to it as well

How yummy does that look?

and I think it's definitely nice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

hot cross buns take 2

so I decided that hot cross buns weren't going to beat me so I made them again using the same recipe which you can find here, but this time I did a double batch.. because... well I'm starting to think I'm crazy but oh well

and somehow I ended up with 25 hot cross buns not 24... don't know how that happened haha

This time I made sure they were completely baked and beautiful and brown on top

doesn't the glaze look nice :)

and I did make choc chip hot cross buns and they were delicious

you have to have a nice big smear of butter on your hot cross buns... mmm yum

little miss loved them too.. but then again they had chocolate in them so why wouldn't she :'D heheh

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

hot cross bun fail

I am yet to make hot cross buns that have actually worked.. they usually end up like little rocks with no flavour what so ever...
so with Easter just around the corner I decided to give it another go using this recipe

I did change it ever so slightly (I know what you're thinking.. big mistake but hear me out) and I made apple, cinnamon and sultanas.. I just cooked very small chopped apple pieces with a little brown sugar and cinnamon..

this was my dough

after it rose the first time

giving it a little knead

cut into 16 little balls (12 just seemed too big)

after they rose again :D

adding the crosses (and they would've been neater if I hadn't packed my piping bags and had to improvise with a ziplock bag and cutting the tip)

once they were baked

and glazed

and then this is where we came into trouble.. they were raw :( but by the time I realised it was too late to return them to the oven

Monday, March 19, 2018

extra fruit

I bought some lemons, limes and oranges to squeeze into my drinks... but I bought heaps (ops) and they had been sitting there for a while so I decided to squeeze them and freeze them.. plus its a little lazy of me but it means I don't have to squeeze them when I want another jug of water :)

I find the worst part is cutting them all in half

silly me has packed away my juicer so I had to do it by had over a sieve

look at all that yummy juice

kmart have these cool big ice cube trays for $1.50 and I love them

and I froze them.. I did try putting one cube in a regular glass but found it way too strong so it ended up being one big cube per 2L jug

yum :)

Strawberry yogurt cake

it was my birthday and I decided to make myself a cake :) so I found this recipe and decided to give it a shot.. I did alter it slightly (I know I can't help myself) but I put in much less sugar, greek yogurt instead of strawberry yogurt and I used the tinned strawberries that I had in the cupboard (trying to clean it out) instead of fresh strawberries and jam

the gel looked very jamish so I decided that I would use it in place of jam

all the batter in the pan

adding the strawberries and gel

mixing it up

after it was baked

I did like that it wasn't too sweet :D yum yum

Sunday, March 18, 2018

drawing on the walls

isn't it always the way when you have freshly painted walls your toddler goes and draws on them with bright blue crayon.. after a quick google search I came across this and decided that a little toothpaste might do the trick
and I'm pleased to report although our walls smell a little minty they are definitely crayon free...

but then at dinner time she decided to smear nap sauce all over a different wall :( maybe we should've bought the washable paint

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Note to self

do not put toddler into the dolly pram thinking that she will look really cute and take picture of toddler in dolly pram while giggling to yourself... because she will think that she can in fact sit in the dolly pram all the time and keep trying to climb in..

I did also read the little tag on the pram afterwards.. and it says not to sit in it ops