Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Book Week

Last weekend visiting my sister was busy.. the kids had book week the following week and needed some costumes to wear to daycare... the older one was going to be a dinosaur and the younger one was going to be spot

so this is what the dinosaur looked like

I didnt manage to get a picture of the body... but my sister made pants with a tail and the tail was the same sparkly as the hat... and the top has long sleaves and the back is covered again in the sparkly green again

spot looks like:

they both had shoe covers and spot had mittens that he didnt have to wear if he didnt want to.. and it worked out that he didnt want to put the hoodie on on the day

I have to admit it so was much fun!!!!

Cookie Fairy

A friend who is going to do a cake decorating course with me is so sweet... she dropped over some cookies that she baked and they were delicious... even though they werent gluten free I did have a few :)

Icecream Maker

Yes you read that right.... I finally have an icecream maker... and yes of course its pink :) you wouldnt expect anything different by now would you :)

and of course I tested it out... and I overloaded the machine and it didnt work properly :P

note to self: dont overload the icecream maker

Cute Tea Shop

I came across this cute little tea shop while going to get my eyebrows waxed
I ended up buying some caramel loose tea and these other cuties

Ebay Buys

I'm sure there will be more bargain buys from ebay but these are the few that I've bought so far.....

Milk Jug Bargain Buy

I found this is an op shop and thought it was gorgeous and of course something new and different for me.. I had to have it

Tea Cup Thermos

I found this in office works which I thought it was a little strange but I had to have it... I've never had a thermos before so I'm pretty excited to have one now :)

Pink Utensils

I spotted these pink cooking utensils when shopping and of course I had to have them

who wouldnt want to cook with pink utensils :)

Antique Shopping

I know, I know, I've been terribly busy recently and not had the chance to post... not good enough I know but can I make it up to you by bombarding you with photos of things that I've bought recently? :)

so a friend at work told me about this cute little antique not even 5 mins from our work... and it was like this treasure trove of all sorts.. they had heaps of books and when I say heaps... there were shelves and shelves of books ranging from modern to the old fashioned books... they had hats and clothes, bags and shoes.. and then you went up this little ramp and there were cabinets and cabinets of tea cups, tea pots, spoons, forks, knives, bowls, salt and pepper shakers and many more things than I can name....
I have been looking on ebay to buy a beautiful pink tea set.... its gorgeous but now has gotten over what I was prepared to pay.... but funnily enough I found a tea set that was what I was bidding on but minus the tea pot.... otherwise I probably wouldve bought it on the spot... or bid more on the one on ebay....

so in the end I decided on

I'm so impressed with my finds