Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Travelling With Cadbury

Travelling with Cadbury is what you call interesting.... she doesn't like just sitting on the chair next to you... she wants to either sit on your lap (and she's getting bigger now) or she just wants to go in circles to twist herself up in the seat belt.... after about half an hour on the road she settled down

on the way back she was pretty much the same wiped out by a busy weekend at my MIL place, where she was spoiled rotten :)

We are going camping in a few weeks time and taking her as well.... hopefully we can figure out a way for her to travel in the back without one of us having to sit in the back with her

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cadbury Walks

Cadbury has been doing so well with her walks and its been a good motivator for me to have to walk every day, because if I don't she turns feral :P hehe

At puppy preschool the last lesson was loose lead walking and the puppies were getting treats for just walking nicely on the lead... I said to hubby that she doesn't get treats for walking nicely when we walk... because she already knows how to walk nicely...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Queen's Birthday Sale

Hi Everyone

To celebrate the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend we are having a one day sale.  A massive 20% off all chef hats and Nursing Scrub Hats when you enter the code QB567.  Get in quick to grab a bargain, but hurry it won't last :)