Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nursery Curtains

I was looking for some fabric that would be good to make curtains for the nursery.. originally I wanted to have something with pink elephants (because they are so cute) but I couldn't find anything I liked at a reasonable price... but I did come across some very pretty purple fairy fabric 

I didn't want to make it too pink (even though I love pink who knows if she will) and thought this would be perfect

I spent a weekend making them and am just waiting for the curtain rod to go up and I can hang them up :)

Nephew's Birthday Cakes 2016

I also made a cake for the boys for the family celebration we have every year to celebrate their birthdays..

I did say to the boys this year to make it easy on me :P so Hunter wanted a minion cake, with one eye and chocolate flavoured.  He usually picks the easier cake, where as Seth asked for a yu gi oh cake.  He then wanted a star wars cake (which was much easier than yu gi oh) and finally settled on a light saber cake, coloured red and vanilla cake.

this is the shaped light saber awaiting icing

then I added the fondant 

this is the vanilla buttercream I used in the beginning

and I added some cocoa to make chocolate buttercream

and the minioning begins

covering with fondant

adding the eye

and I forgot to take a final picture at home with the strap and hair completed

a few of the adults thought it was a little funny when it was getting cut due to the shape of the light saber

the most important thing is they both tasted yummy :)

Nephew's Birthday Cupcakes

For my nephew's birthday this year I made a cake each and a set of cupcakes each.. For my younger nephew he wanted minion cupcakes with yellow icing and minion edible tops to take to school (I forgot to take pictures of them which is unlike me).  For my older nephew he wanted red and blue cupcake to take to his birthday party this year and my sister put on star wars toppers (I don't have a picture of the cupcakes with toppers)

the best part for me is the test cupcake :D its really important to taste test everything thoroughly :D

who's the taste tester in your house?

Mother's Day Present

Mother's day is such a lovely way to celebrate mothers and show our appreciation.. this year was a little special for me, mainly because I was 12 weeks just before mother's day and such a great opportunity to announce to my mother in law that I was pregnant..

I bought a frame and some stick on letters and glued on the letters to the frame and ended up with this:

It was a really nice way to tell her :) I also made one for my mum :)

it was a really nice mother's day

Cadbury :)

I love taking pictures of Cadbury... but she doesn't like having her picture taken :P

I know this because so many times she sees my phone come out and as soon as I go to take the picture she turns her head away :P

I do get the occasional picture with her looking but it usually takes lots of deleted photos to get those one looking :)

one of many blurry photos :P

my hubby was supposed to be taking a picture of me :P but Cadbury was being too cute

I love that she has such a cute personality :)